Dear Nicki fans, I got time today.

Instead of keyboard thuggin, someone check on Nicki and get her out of the sunken place.

Seriously, what is she doing? The uber famous and successful non-Grammy winning rapper is losing in 2018. Cardi’s presence is causing a clear meltdown in the 15 minutes of fame that is officially almost up for the Moment for Life rapper.

If you thought Offset cheating on Cardi was bad, surely you have an opinion about Nicki’s new boo, Murder Bae.

In case you missed it, Nicki is dating Kenneth Petty. This sexy beige felon committed a murder in 2002. While the details are murky, it’s believed that the shooting was gang motivated and this may have been a hit. Petty, along with some cronies, drove to the target’s location in Queens and shot him in the stomach three times and fled. He died shortly after identifying Petty on his death bed in the hospital. Petty was charged with 2nd degree murder but accepted a plea for 1st– degree manslaughter, serving only 7 years in prison.

This sentence is unrelated to the rape charge he served time for. That’s a different crime that Minaj has been able to look past.

I don’t get it. The almost 40 year old rapper can date anyone in the world and this is who she chooses? I could understand if he brought something to the table but the twitterverse is still waiting to hear exactly what this man does for a living that made a self-made millionaire and self-proclaimed bad b*tch choose him.

Nicki can say whatever she wants to say about Meek Mill but one day when people talk about Meek, they will put him up there with Colin Kaepernick and praise his prison reform work. When they talk about Nicki, they will always mention Cardi, Nicki’s bad plastic surgery and how she never evolved as an artist.

Like many women, Nicki seems to choose toxic relationships. It’s been so easy to tear Meek and Safaree apart because people tend to sympathize with women. Our relationships are a reflection of who we are and what we are about. Nicki’s latest choice in men proves she’s not only crazy, but just maybe she needs to put the drugs down and find who she really is. Maybe Nicki’s relationships are toxic because Nicki is toxic, maybe it isn’t the relationship or the men she has been with, maybe it’s Nicki.

Prison Bae makes for great headlines but something must be broken inside Nicki to work so hard only to commit to a man who brings nothing to the table.

People wonder why people stan so hard for Cardi. Real recognize real and Cardi has been real about who she is since Day 1. There’s nothing scuzzy about her and her circle is a reflection of who she is, whether you like her music or not.

Maybe Nicki should take some time out of the spotlight and work on her. Her on camera persona and antics are annoying and not translating into sales, at least not the sales she had when Beyonce featured her in the Feeling Myself video.

Speaking of Beyonce, anyone else notice how noticeably absent the Carters have been from Nicki’s corner? Jay has been seen publicly with Meek, publicly supporting and mentoring him. Watching the growth in Meek has been amazing.

Nicki, not so much. She seems to be dwindling in Cardi’s presence and cryin for attention. Looks like those of us who were never on the Barbz train got just what we asked for.

Times almost up.



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