It’s time to call a spade a spade.

Nicki Minaj is messy.

Minaj’s beef with Taylor Swift was awkward. What rapper, other than Kanye West, argues with Taylor Swift? At least Kanye had a point when he said Beyonce should have won Best Female Video back in 2009. I don’t know what song Taylor won for but we know “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” was lit and we still agree with Kanye ten years after the fact that Beyonce definitely should have won that award.

Then there was Miley “Culture Vulture” Cyrus. She went from beefing with Taylor Swift to beefing with Hannah Montana. This wasn’t exactly beef though, Nicki came off as a bully. All Hannah Montana said was that Nicki was “unpleasant” and “not too kind.” I’m starting to think this is true.

What happened to rappers beefing over a beat? At least 50 cent released Life’s On The Line, Back Down and Hail Mary when he beefed with Ja Rule. Nicki, where is the music?

Then she beefed with Lil’ Kim. Yawn.

As if that wasn’t disrespectful enough, she brought Foxy out on stage with her to perform looking CRAZY.

Ya’ll can’t tell me Nicki didn’t know what she was doing. Nicki is that effed up friend that stays silent and lets you go out knowing you look terrible. WTF is Foxy wearing?

Then there was Remy Ma. When Remy dropped “shEther”, it was all eyes on Nicki. Remy killed it. Nicki then released “Feelin’ Myself” with Beyonce. We haven’t seen Beyonce or Jay-Z in the same picture with Nicki Minaj since that year. We see them with Meek Mill though. *sips tea* Then Remy dropped “Another One”, and ended Nicki’s seven year run as best female Hip Hop artist at the 2017 BET Awards. I would talk about the Grammy’s but Nicki has never won one. Nicki then dropped “No Frauds” which was lackluster at best then went on a tirade about her album sales to showcase her superiority over Remy. Then all of a sudden Universal Music Group, who has business with Nicki, claimed copyright infringement and had shEther banned from all platforms, despite Nas (Nicki Minaj’s ex) giving Remy Ma his blessing to sample the song. Messy Messy.

As if Nicki Minaj couldn’t stoop any lower, she beefed with the very unproblematic Travis Scott because Kylie Jenner promoted his album. Like, isn’t that what bae is supposed to do?

Then there was Cardi. Cardi is the rap boogieman to Nicki Minaj, the moment she’s always been afraid of. Cardi is that moment when another woman who is younger, talented, and gorgeous got on the mic and surpassed Nicki is ways she never imagined. Cardi has a husband, a real looking butt, a baby, a successful career, recent pictures with the Carter-Knowles and a Grammy. Hollywood and Rap artists alike love Cardi.

Nicki, not so much.

As if this rap battle-less feud couldn’t get any longer, now Nicki is at it again with Trina, Meghan the Stallion and Joe Budden. Just in case you missed it, Joe Budden was kicked off Queen Radio:

In case you don’t have 19 minutes to watch the video, Joe Budden checked Nicki on her Barbz, flat out telling them she uses them to bully other people. Of course, Nicki denied it. Then Joe called her out on her pill popping last year and her beef with Cardi on Motorsport.

Joe Budden was swiftly kicked off her show because clearly Nicki doesn’t like to hear about herself.

Then this happened:

Trina’s A&R of her RockStarr Music Group called out Nicki Minaj for failing to promote “BAPS”, a single we didn’t know happened. Apparently, that’s Nicki’s fault. Then he said this:

Then Nicki threatened to get her convicted rapist future husband to fight her battles:

Let’s not even talk about that trash record she did with Meghan the Stallion that flopped. How do you have a “Hot Girl Summer” record and release it when its damn near fall? No offense to Meghan the Stallion, but the single was trash. It was a lackluster attempt for Nicki to connect with another rap female. For clout. Then without explanation, Nicki announced that Meghan would not be on Queen Radio. #Fail

Is it time for Nicki Minaj to take a break? With all these beefs, surely everyone else can’t be the problem. With declining sales and an inability to get along with anyone except Ariana Grande, it seems like Nicki might really be her own worst enemy.

Oh, how could I forget? This happened:


Looks like Champagne Papi sent a message and we heard it loud and clear.

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