They want him to be a gangbanger so bad.

Gangbanger Nipsey Hustle Dead at the age of 33.

Gangster Rapper Nipsey Hussle Murdered.

This is why Jordan Peele said we have to control the narrative about us.

First of all, put some respect on his name.

It ain’t Nipsey Hustle, it’s Nipsey Hussle.

He wasn’t a gangster rapper, he was an artist.

And he damn sure wasn’t a gangbanger.

He was a son. Father. And devoted husband.

He was a man first and a visionary.

Nipsey, real name Ermias Asghedom, is a great loss to the black community, our culture and music.

He was a shining example of everything right and wrong in our communities.

I have a dream that one day black kids in the hood won’t need gangs to find friendship and protection. Yes, he was a Crip but he was so much bigger than that.

He came back to the hood that birthed him and gave it so much life. In an effort to buy back the block, he opened businesses in his neighborhood using his street smarts and business savvy.

He sold 1000 copies of his Crenshaw mixtape for $100 in 2013, and sold out in 24 hours. Jay-Z took notice of his hustle and talents and bought a 100 copies. Rick Ross stepped up and endorsed him too. He used the money from the album sales to start his own music record label. He believed in ownership.

In 2017, he purchased a strip mall in Crenshaw where his clothing store “Marathon” was housed. He invested in his neighborhood and turned that strip mall into a six-story mixed use residential and commercial complex.

Marathon, his clothing store, was a smart store that allowed fans to purchase merchandise and use an app to access exclusive content from him. This man was way ahead of his time.

He even launched a co-working space and STEM program in his neighborhood so kids would have an outlet for their minds to be put to work.

Nipsey was a businessman who always gave back. He gave back physically and he gave back through his words too. He was a positive man and he practiced what he preached. He put his money where his mouth was and gave back millions to causes that impacted people that looked just like him. Words are powerful. Boys and men took notice when he respected his wife, Lauren London, and showed us what black love should sound, look and feel like.

Nipsey was great energy having a very real human experience. His life taught us so many real and raw lessons but his death solidified the ugly in people.

This wasn’t a FBI conspiracy. This wasn’t a gang related crime. Nipsey died because someone he knew had a bruised ego and murdered him. He died at the hands of a jealous coward who didn’t know how to use words or throw hands. Sidebar: I heard the police are still looking for his killer but the streets already got him and dealt with it. And I ain’t mad. Street justice ain’t always bad.

I can’t believe we are saying “RIP” to Nipsey Hussle but truth be told, he didn’t die. When your sacrifice inspires millions, your spirit is more alive than ever.

Stream his music. Buy his clothes. Pray for his family.

Nipsey Hussle pushed the culture forward and we owe this man to keep pushing. Life is a marathon. In the words of Nipsey, we don’t have to get ready if we stay ready.

Rest in peace King and prayers to Lauren London, his kids and grandmother.

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