Kobe Bryant is up for an Oscar?

And there is an online petition to take away his Oscar nod for a sexual assault case from 2003?

In case you didn’t know, Kobe cheated on his wife in 2003 with a fan who later claimed the encounter was rape. Then she admitted to lying about details of the rape. Then sis dropped the claim all together. They settled the claim out of court, allegedly.

Kobe never admitted to rape. A jury never found him guilty of rape. Kobe never raped anyone.

You have to question why the media and #MeToo are suddenly going so hard to paint Kobe as a sexual predator.

Remember when there used to be lynch mobs and all someone had to say was a black man looked at a white woman?

Well, welcome to 2018. The lynch mob is #MeToo and that hashtag is after any and every man with money, regardless of race.

Don’t believe me? How many men have been arrested for sexually assaulting a woman? Not enough.

How many men have settled these cases out of court? Too many.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some real sexual deviants out there who deserve to have the book thrown at them but Kobe Bryant isn’t one of them.

Sexual assault has been stretched to mean so many different things that even I can’t understand the definition anymore.

Imagine my surprise when I heard the term “enthusiastic consent.” Whoever coined that phrase has obviously never been married.

The #PayMeToo crowd of women crying wolf dilutes the real victims of sexual assault and make it hard for real victims to come forward and share their stories. These women also make it hard for real predators to be held accountable for their actions in and out of the courtroom.

Kobe Bryant cheated on his wife like too many rich and not so rich men do. Is cheating a sin? Yes.

So is bearing false witness.

Rape is a crime though and to paint someone as a rapist from a 2003 case that lacked merit should be criminal.  Sexual predators are often killed in prisons because society deems these types of criminals the lowest of the low.

No one should be called a rapist lightly. Especially without proof.

Kobe Bryant shouldn’t have his Oscar nod pulled for “Dear Basketball” for a crime he was never convicted of.

Not only do I hope his nomination stands, I hope he wins.

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