Everyone has a breaking point, a point of no return.

Even the strongest of women are weak when it comes to men.

People have begged Wendy Williams to leave her husband, Kevin Hunter, for years. Whether it was the drug abuse or domestic violence, it was clear he wasn’t the one for her. But she stayed.

When rumors of an oops baby circulated, the world clutched their pearls and patiently waited to see what the King of Mean would do. Looks like sis finally filed for divorce. Wendy is old enough for AARP, there is no way she was going to play stepmom to her husband’s new bundle of drama, not when her own kid is out of the house. You can cover up addiction and you can cover up domestic violence. You can even cover up a side check. The DNA test must have finally come back and her husband wrote a check he couldn’t cash. There is no covering up a baby. He gave his sidekick the daughter he never gave his own wife.

I remember when Wendy bragged “I’m still very much in love with my husband, don’t ask me about mine” as she pointed to the gaudy wedding ring on her left finger. Ladies, there is a lesson in this for all of us:

  1. Love yourself
  2. Having a husband isn’t everything
  3. Don’t be envious of anyone’s relationship because you never know what’s going on behind closed doors
  4. Rings are nice but respect is better
  5. Date up
  6. Always put you first

Watching this drama unfold has been nothing short of sad. Watching Wendy battle crack and cocaine addictions while her husband controlled her money and involuntarily made her a sister wife makes for great tv and headlines but sometimes you have to remember there is a human on the other side and you can’t help but to feel remorse.

Prayers up for Wendy. I hope she gets the strength she needs to follow through with the divorce and leave for good. No woman should have to endure that type of pain from a man they married.

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