Sis, Is This Your Man: Isaac Washington

Ya’ll, I just read the most “Atlanta” shit ever.

People from Atlanta will appreciate this post, the rest of ya’ll can hold ya’ll judgement.

So boom, this is Isaac Washington, and according to this Facebook group I’m in, he’s a narcissist. A narcissist is someone who really loves the shit out of themselves. They don’t care about anyone else and they are manipulative, selfish and patronizing.

Isaac Washington is all of that. And a liar too. Can you imagine being someone’s girlfriend and other girls are outside your door trying to break it down? A narcissist will make you believe the girls are the problem and he’s the normal one.

I also can’t imagine being someone’s girlfriend and figuring out that my man is dating several other women outside our relationship. Then finding out everyone is getting raw dogged.

I don’t know for a fact what this man’s medical history is but when multiple women come forward saying they have the itchies and the scracthies and something else that makes their vaginas foam like a Starbuck’s cappuccino, I’m going to believe those women. This is Atlanta, people don’t lie about having a disease. They lie about not having one.

Ya’ll, we haven’t even gotten to the Atlanta part of this story yet.

So all of these women banded together and told their stories. I’m not talking one or two women. I mean a whole group of ladies telling the same stories about the same no good man. I read their comments and thanked God for the warning. I wouldn’t date him anyway because he’s a truck driver (re: hoes) but a warning never hurt anyone. Any normal woman wouldn’t read this mess and think Him! That’s who I am bringing home to my parents.

But not these girls. Nope, that’s not how this works. His current girlfriend jumps out of no where bucking at anyone who even seems like they know him. I would have kept my identity a secret but to each her own.

Then you have the “pick mes” who despite reading everything I just told you, wanna know if he’s single. They are just happy to have a man, by any means necessary. Like sis, so what if he’s cute, he’s nasty. And his female friends, defending the fuckery. Despite having all the proof in the world, still think their friend is innocent.

Then there was one girl who said “I knew his cellphone was in someone’s name in this group. That’s what used to show up on my caller ID.” Chile, you know how much penis you have to peddle in one state for this many girls to recognize you off one picture?

Then there is her:

I love her. I really hope Isaac gives her a call.

People wonder why infectious diseases are so rampant here and it’s because there are thousands of stories just like this. Lots of “Issacs” walking around preying on women with lies and other forms of deceit. I almost shed a little thug tear when this one chick said “he used to talk to my mom about how special I was to him and how he wanted to give me nothing but a loving and healthy relationship.” So he’s an ass on purpose? Lots of men who will never be held accountable to the trauma they cause women because other women will still be happy to have them, diseases and all. I get stories like this from all races and socioeconomic levels. People assume these types of stories are beneath them until it happens to them too. Yes, even men with money are this stupid.

As women, we have to do a better job at protecting ourselves:

  1. Use a condom
  2. Don’t date men in FB groups
  3. Don’t stay with a man who has a gaggle of ex girlfriends around
  4. Believe red flags
  5. Don’t date truck drivers. Or an Aries.

Seriously, be careful in these dating streets. They need to make an app for out of town men who want to adopt an Atlanta girlfriend and date long distance. I heard from someone all the good men are in North Carolina. Don’t sleep on Wisconsin either. In the meantime, wrap it up so you aren’t sending texts like the one below.