Women investigate better than the CIA.

It’s no wonder people still lie and cheat in the age of social media, but they do.

I was home reading my Bible, being a good Christian, when all of a sudden, I got a DM.

“Sis, I got a story” she said.

She was a complete stranger and I didn’t want to be messy so I gave her my number. For moral support. And she told me about someone she wanted to warn other women about.

Squad, meet J.R. Randall.

I know what you are thinking. Yes, he’s sexy AF. And yes, he’s married. But it wasn’t his wife in my DMs, it was a another woman who has been in an online relationship with him for the past year hurt and confused about his web of lies.

I never understand how people end up in relationships with people they never met online. Or have conversations like this: 

Or this:

And what’s with married men sending dick pics? Is nothing sacred anymore? (Spoiler alert: his penis is humble sized)

The story didn’t end there though. Shorty in my DM wanted answers. She spoke to J.R.’s on again off again girlfriend of 8 years trying to figure out who was this man. How did she find his ex girlfriend? JR bragged to her about a woman he used to date and use for money. Homegirl used her investigative skills and reached out to the girl. The ex said that JR lied to her about his name and birthday. It wasn’t until they were returning from a Cancun vacation that she realized the name and birthday on his passport didn’t match the name and birthday he gave her. She was in love with a man and she didn’t really know who he was. Or why he lied.

I felt like I was in the twilight zone. But I fell into the sunken place after the conversation with J.R’s wife. How did she find JR’s wife? Scorned women have superpowers. The wife said they had been together since 2008, which was weird because he has a three year old daughter with someone who isn’t the girlfriend or the wife’s child. Listening to these two women talk, I couldn’t help but notice that the wife was emotionless.

“Why do you stay?” I asked.

“I know the man I married. It’s not okay” she said. “But I love him.”

This story is as much about JR as it is about his wife, and shorty in my DMs.

In the world of social media, how are people still getting tricked into online relationships? When people go through lengths to lie about their lives over the computer, you assume it’s some grotesque antisocial person who can’t make friends in real life but we are in a new era where men make up whole lies to trick women.

Why do people like JR lie so much? Why did he lie about his name and birthday? What was he hiding? Why is he married, lying and cheating on his wife? If he is going to be a complete asshole, why get married at all?

Why does his wife stay? I looked at her Facebook profile picture and she is beautiful. From outward appearances, she looks like she has it all together but this man must be killing her inside. An ex girlfriend who is still in the picture, at least one outside baby, and a year long online relationship. What makes a person stay through all of this? Where is her pride?

At this point I have more questions than answers but this ain’t my monkey or my show.  Here’s free game. If you want to cheat in peace, don’t lie. You will be amazed at what people settle for when you put all your cards on the table. People will respect you and accept you more with the ugly truth than an exposed lie.

Thank me later.



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