I knew this guy was a creep when I saw stories about him posted from women in multiple groups. Different women, same story.

Age: 43

Profession: Engineer, maybe

Location: Miami, FL/Atlanta

This guy is a dating app connoisseur. His most recent tryst led a woman to post “…I had no idea that I was involved with a serious manipulator, sexual deviant, nasty, reckless man who pulled the wool over my eyes.” She was with him a whole year, and she wasn’t the only one.

I’ve read 37 posts from different women who have confirmed the same thing: he’s unfaithful, he lies and he doesn’t use protection. For the record, I’m not calling him out for being a serial dater. Most people are nowadays. As adults, we have to be accountable for who we date, we have to do our homework. 37 women though? That’s gross. Men get upset when women date more than one guy at a time. This guy is a public infection waiting to happen.

I was, however, extremely bothered that so many women were sleeping with the same man without a condom. He’s so charming. He made me feel special. I thought I was the only one. These aren’t college aged women or teenagers saying this about him, it’s grown women. College graduates. One is a licensed therapist. All of these women are professionals in their field and despite having all the education in the world, still fell for this man’s tricks.

There is a lesson in this for everyone: everyone isn’t who they seem, wrap it up, get tested. While there are some great men in Atlanta somewhere, there are more guys like this one that women have to be conscious of and protect themselves from. Just because a man says the right things doesn’t mean he will do right by you. Make these men prove their worth and protect your body at all times. This is, after all, Atlanta.

You’ve been warned.

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