You ever look at someone’s Instagram and find yourself enamored with the illusion of what someone’s life is like? 

While you are at work hustling the 9-5 scene, there are girls who have made a life for themselves and secured generational wealth from the men they surround themselves with. 

Evelyn Lozada never has to work a 9-5 another day in her life. Neither does Blac Chyna. Amber Rose. Masika. Emily Bustamante. Or Draya. 

All these women have used their proximity to rich and affluent men to leverage wealth and fame. But at what cost? 

Remember when Chad beat Evelyn after she accused him of cheating? Blac Chyna also has come forward with her own abuse claims against Rob Kardashian. Do you really think Amber’s relationship with Kanye was all roses? Masika had a whole baby by a man with more baby mamas than hit records. Just recently Fabolous was seen acting irate towards Emily, threatening to kill her. It’s also alleged he knocked her teeth out during a domestic dispute. Poor Draya had a baby, wants to be a wife, but isn’t. 

Instagram doesn’t show the scars. It doesn’t show the sacrifices and the compromises women make in order to maintain a lifestyle. Looking at their cars, jewelry, bags, red bottoms, and vacations makes a girl wonder if I should use these degrees or double D’s to get where I want to be.

Some of you may think “it’s a choice” to date these men but it’s deeper than that. There are plenty of regular men who aren’t millionaires who are just as abusive. Maybe the problem isn’t women but toxic male behavior that exists across all races and socioeconomic spectrums.

This week has been a battle of the sexes with the newest domestic abuse scandal. In case you missed it, Delicia Cordon is the ex-girlfriend of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy who has accused him of setting up a home invasion which included a savage attack on her life. Already people are chiming in in defense of LeSean McCoy. Plaxico Burress, most famous for shooting himself and going to jail for it, has come forward insisting that Delicia is lying.

Look at her face. She clearly didn’t attack herself. It’s disheartening that a woman could be beaten within inches of her life and a man will step forward and still belittle her. Men like Ray Rice and Ben Roethlisberger prove that men can abuse women and other men will still blame the woman for being abused. It feels like a woman has to lay in a morgue in order for other men to believe there’s a select group of men that are actually monsters and not just adhering to some toxic male code.

Do I believe LeSean did it? Absolutely. Did anyone else peep his narcissistic public statement via Instagram?

The NFL has to get it right this time. The NFL is too busy trying to get a league that is predominantly black to stop addressing black issues. Maybe they should take some time and money to address the rampant abuse that seems to be plaguing the league. After all, continuing to remain largely silent about domestic abuse makes the NFL complicit enablers when they have the resources to battle this growing problem.

In the meantime, remember the grass ain’t always greener. The next time you see an IG model with the newest bag, remember you don’t know how much of herself she had to sacrifice just to look happy, and not really be happy.

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