Hurt people hurt people.

It should be no surprise in 2019 that there are people walking around who mean you no good. In this crazy world of online dating (or dating, period) you really have to protect yourself at all times. Men will wine and dine you. Say all the right things and make you feel like you are the only woman in the world. There are some men who are genuine about their intentions.

Then there is Randolph Smith.

Randolph knowingly has sex with women unprotected, despite being well aware of his HIV status. He meets women from dating apps and gives them a death sentence with a stroke of his penis.

On one hand, I blame women. We have every ounce of education and birth control available yet there are still women who sleep with men, risking it all for bareback sex and an orgasm.

A victim is a victim though and no one deserves a life sentence of poor health and pending death. Randolph is a monster and accountable for ensuring he keeps his sickness, and his penis, to himself.

This monster is in jail now for his crimes but that should be of little consequence to his victims who have to live the rest of their lives with HIV. This is another example of why women can’t believe everything we hear. It’s also another reason to wrap it up.

You only live once, stop trusting these men.

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