Sis, we gotta be more careful.

When we hear about scammers, we usually imagine someone handsome and charming.

Like this scammer:

Or this fraud:

But never in a million years did I imagine that someone’s daughter would be scammed by this dude:

Don’t get me wrong, looks ain’t everything but there tends to be a parallel between a man’s level of attractiveness, his money and the trail of women that follow. In this case, Robert Gaskin is broke, hard to look at and still getting over.

It’s hard for most folks to find one committed spouse, this guy has multiple wives. Here’s the gag, he fell into a coma and his newest wife checked his phone. (Hilarious) It was then she figured out he had other wives. While he was comatose, sis cleaned him out. He woke up, was released from the hospital and came home to this:

Here is his wife’s version of events:

Good morning all. I was minding my business making my coins and to my surprise I get an inbox message about my “husband” being in this group. I really don’t care because I don’t want him AT ALL. I’m just warning you ladies about this serial con artist and scammer. I met him last year. I was having my home built from the ground up, raising my son, and trying to spend as much time as I could with my dying father. He wined and dined me, took me to some of the finest restaurants, we traveled and stayed in the best of the best hotels all on his dime, or so I thought. He told me he was a mortician which is a bold faced lie, he’s indigent and broke beyond measures. Depends on his parents to pay his bills, and outside of that he scams women out of money. I lived in the Charlotte area and he lived in Columbia, SC. So anything he did I didn’t know but I’m not insecure and wasn’t checking for him like that. I met his parents and he met mine. My dad died and he was right there to support so I thought he was a good guy. Wrong!!! We later got married and he got sick and had to be admitted to the hospital. He left his phone which he turned off and I turned it back on. When I did I got call after call from woman after woman and wife after wife. He was in a coma for a while because he’s a terrible diabetic with numerous health issues. One of his other victims/fiancé called and we talked and formulated a plan to roast his fat ass. We cleaned his house completely out (I’m the wife so what could he do about it while he was in the hospital. We also warned other women about him. Found out he has a criminal record that goes as far back as 2002. Has a daughter he doesn’t support or treat well. He now has a warrant for bigamy and will be charged and arrested. The wives came together to get him. I’m not mad at them because they’re victims too. Once he came home to an empty house he hauled ass to Maryland to his parents house and that’s where he is now. I found out he scammed a deaf woman out of her money. He lied to one lady telling her he worked with the CIA causing her to lose her home. He gave me a lot of money which is why I thought he was legit, but he also used my credit cards which I have since paid off. Some of them paid for by selling his expensive items he had in his home which didn’t cost me a dime. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m now happily awaiting my divorce in January and going on with my life.

So what’s the lesson here ladies? Run a background check on these men before committing. A simple background check would have let all these women know this guy should have been a hard pass. Also, be careful who you meet in these Facebook groups. This guy was in the “Dating a BIG Handsome Man ( T N B) group posing as single looking for his next victim.

This is his Facebook page:

If you see this man, run. He’s nothing but a con artist, and a liar.

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