In case you forgot, dating sucks in Atlanta.

Yes, the “fake it till you make it” mantra even extends into dating. I can’t be the only one tired of the “men will only get away with what you allow” line that completely undermines basic respect and morality while absolving men of their toxic behavior while dating.

If only women had a database for these sort of men where we could warn each other about the derelicts we encounter in this city. Like my blog.

Ladies, meet Terrance. At first sight, he’s sweet. A real charmer. Why wouldn’t he be? Doesn’t everyone send their representative while dating?

Everyone lies. Terrance lied about having a house. Lied about his job. Lied about his bills. Even lied about having a sister. Who does that?

Imagine meeting someone from a Facebook group and thinking you found the one then then suddenly realized he isn’t who he says he is. After an Ike Turner moment, this is exactly what happened with an unsuspecting woman who fell prey to his deceit.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a background check when dating these men. Take a look at this:

Not only was he a liar, but he’s dangerous too. Peep how his parole keeps getting extended for stalking and failure to abide by the terms of his sentence. He’s a menace to women and women everywhere should be warned that he exists and to stay far away from him.

Ladies, if he slides into your DMs on Facebook, ignore him. Watch out for him, and men like him, in these Facebook groups. People aren’t who they say they are and you never really know who you are dealing with.

Kudos to the woman who submitted this man for having the wherewithal to conduct a background check. While assault is never a woman’s fault, there are measures we can take to be more proactive in protecting ourselves from demons like Terrance Lewis.

Maybe I should start a background check service for dating to protect women. In the meantime, if you have a man that you would like to warn your sisters about, email me at

In the #MeToo era, it’s important we stick together so we don’t become another hashtag.

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