Imagine this.

Imagine being with a man 17 years of your life.






Then imagine that man being arrested for the first degree murder of one of your neighbors.

I know sis was confused. I know she had questions. She had questions for her husband. The police. The dead neighbor. God. Herself. She had to wonder what was the connection between the man she gave her life to and the neighbor. What was worth incinerating 17 years? Marriage is truly a labor of love so 17 years is a big deal. I filed a week after my five year anniversary. I couldn’t do it. A woman who stays in your corner for 17 years must really love you.

I’d imagine seeing 17 years walk out in handcuffs really breaking a woman, especially because he admitted it just months after the murder to her personally as the police were coming to arrest him. I would have been looking at him then looking at the police praying Ashton Kutcher was somewhere. My mind would have been gone.

But that’s not even the worst part of the story.

Before I get into it though, which is worse to you: your man cheating with another woman, or another man?

Tracey Pruitt, pictured above, was recently arrested for the murder of his lover, Michael Duren Faulk. Both of these guys are forty and fifty plus.

Before ya’ll start joking on Atlanta, this happened in Salisbury, NC. I don’t know where that is either.

People love to give millennials shit for everything, like gay acceptance and open communication, but this one is our parent’s generation. There is enough blame here for everyone.

First of all, 17 years sis? And you are trying to tell us that this is a surprise? 17 years is a long time to lack communication and understanding with your husband. 17 years and no signs? Sometimes we are our own worst enemy when we aren’t honest with ourselves. Part of me wonders if she’s one of those chicks that is just happy to have a man so she ignored the signs. There is no way that she didn’t know after 17 years. She’s not a victim, she’s a participant.

I don’t mean to blame the neighbor because blaming dead people is heartless. There is no excuse for murder.


Every decision you make in life has a consequence. He knew that man was married. He knew that man was in the closet. And he poked the bear. He threatened to out him. Like most side chicks, he wasn’t playing the position he signed up for, the secret. He played a dangerous game and unfortunately it cost him his life.

Then there is Tracey Pruitt, the murderer. It’s crazy that his need to appear heterosexual was so important that he stole the lives of two people, his wife and his lover. It takes a lot of nerve to have affairs with your neighbors. That is super close to home. That took balls. You mean to tell me he couldn’t tell his wife of 17 years he wanted to try new things but he could have an affair with the neighbor? If you can’t tell your wife this, she ain’t the one for you. If she tripped, all he had to do was move to Atlanta. Or something. He didn’t have to kill someone because he was scared to death of coming out. In 2018.

Can you imagine what else he was lying about? This is a reminder ladies, continue to get tested even after marriage. I just debated one of my married friends about wives being testing regularly and she was adamant that the presence of marriage meant she trusted her husband with her life. She called it trust, I called it stupidity. Married people have affairs all the time.

Like I said, there is enough blame here for everyone. Moral of the story no one cares if you are gay in 2018 and marriage ain’t what it used to be.

Be safe.

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