Dating in Atlanta sucks.

I just wanted to get that out the way. It doesn’t have anything to do with this post, per se, but I wanted to throw that out there.

In the latest of “Sis, Is This Your Man”, I introduced you guys to Edwin Johnstein, the $250 million dollar attorney, financier and Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy.

Is it bad that I have a subscription to a background service so that whenever I meet a man I can run a background check on them? Literally, I won’t meet you until I get the results. If we go out on a date, I’ll ask you questions I already know the answer to just to see if you are a liar. Call me crazy but safety first.

Speaking of safety first, Edwin Johnstein is a prime example of why women have to be accountable to their safety and use common sense and discernment. He’s also a prime example of why women should be financially secure and independent. Had I not been financially secure and independent, I may have fallen for the carrots he dangled in front of me of financial security and marriage.

Speaking of marriage, who talks about marriage after the first day? That was the first red flag. I’m divorced. Engagement rings, weddings and babies don’t entice me. Been there, done that. I tend to think people are a little crazy when they want to rush into those types of commitments.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Edwin Johnstein is crazy crazy.

First of all, this man lied about his name. After I wrote my initial article yesterday, my suspicions were confirmed that Johnstein was not his real last name, it’s actually Johnson.

And Edwin Johnson is a rapist.

I’m not being sarcastic, this man gains the trust of women then when he gets them alone, he rapes them. Not just one woman, multiple women. He also has a rap sheet a mile long between Baltimore and Atlanta.

Here’s video of his arrest for rapes in Baltimore:

His rap sheet (these are only his Georgia charges):

I hope there is a lesson in this for all women:

  1. Never trust a stranger
  2. Run a background check on men you are interested in
  3. Never be alone with someone you never met
  4. Don’t let men pick you up from your house
  5. Don’t give men enough information to find you, give out a nickname
  6. Always have your own money when you go out on dates, just in case

I think about if I was gullible enough to fall for this man’s schemes, I could have been in a real life or death (or get raped) situation. I never thought I would say this but thank goodness I have had so many bad dating experiences that prepared me to recognize red flags when I encounter them.

Back to my original point, dating in Atlanta sucks. I think I am open to a long distance relationship. Which state has sane, romantic, and financially stable men? Georgia definitely ain’t it.

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