For those of you who need a break from trap and mumble rap, Pusha T just dropped the sickest clapback aimed towards Mr. Invincible himself, Drake.

Classic after classic, Drake has solidified his name in hip hop as one of the most consistent R and B rappers since LL Cool J. He’s managed to woo the ladies with his female-friendly verses and trample the reputations of those who challenged his space in hip hop. It seems like yesterday there was a collective sigh of disappointment in the Drake v Meek Mill feud.

But today is a new day and Pusha ain’t Meek. Pusha’s clapback was a surgical analysis of Drake’s life, not to be confused with the life that Drake wants you to see. Pusha called out Drake for his insecurities as an awkward mixed black person trying to fit into spaces he doesn’t really belong. Drake has major issues with women because he watched his mom fail at her relationship with his dad, who he idolizes, even though his dad abandoned him when he was a kid. Watching his parent’s dynamic leads him to have toxic relationships with the women he cries about in every song. It’s no surprise he allegedly has a son with a porn star that he’s too embarrassed to claim.

It all makes sense once Pusha lays Drake on his lyrical couch and analyzes the f*ck out of him. Also don’t forget that Kanye West is behind Pusha T’s Daytona project. What happens when the dopest producer in hip hop works with one of the best wordsmiths in the game? We get one of the juiciest feuds in hip hop and I’m here for it.

In case you missed it…

The black face picture is actually a picture of Drake in black face. Details around the shoot are scarce but this picture juxtaposes perfectly to Jay-Z’s “The Story of OJ”. Given Drake’s racial background, you can’t help but cringe seeing him smiling like a Sambo in black face. Someone call Sway because we need answers.

What is Adidon you ask? Drake’s alleged son is named Adonis. Drake is scheduled to partner with Adidas this summer to announce his brand AdiDon, named after his son. You wonder how Pusha T knows this? Don’t forget Kanye’s ultra popular Yeezy brand is also housed under Adidas. This is what Pusha meant by “Adonis is your son and he deserves more than an Adidas press run.”

Families should be off limits in the world of rap but Drake started it when he mentioned Pusha’s fiancé. Pusha took it on the chin and came back heavy, taking shots at Drake’s mom (Sandi), dad (Dennis), baby mama (Sophia), son (Adonis), best friend (40) and even Drake’s inability to grow an afro. I clutched my timbs when Pusha said “Deadbeat mother*cker playing border patrol”, referencing Drake’s son overseas that he doesn’t acknowledge in the states. If Drake really is the dad, it proves that money, or the lack of it, isn’t the only think that can make you a deadbeat. It be your own ego sometimes.

And no one was off limits. My jaw hit the floor when Pusha made a mockery of how much time 40 has left on Earth. 40, who has multiple-sclerosis, days are numbered but is nothing sacred anymore? Clearly Pusha has drawn a line in the sand and nothing and no one is off limits.

Personally this rap battle is way better than Drake vs Meek Mill. Meek is dope but is never regarded as one of the best rappers in the game. Pusha is proof that talent and fame don’t always go hand in hand. If Drake is Lebron then Pusha is Steph Curry and you can tell it makes Drake uncomfortable. Fun to watch, but uncomfortable.

The beef is nothing new. Lil Wayne had beef with the Clipse in the mid 2000’s. Pusha directed a line at Drake in “Don’t F*ck With Me” when he said “Rappers on their sophmores/Actin like they boss lords/Fame such a funny thing for sure/When n*ggas start believing all them encores.” Then Pusha came back again a year later on Exodus 23:1 with “Contract all f*cked up/I guess that means you all f*cked up/You signed to one n*gga that’s signed to another n*gga/That’s signed to 3 n*ggas/Now that’s bad luck” alluding to Drake’s messy contract with Wayne and Birdman.

Then Drake finally shot back on “Nothing was the Same” on the “Tuscan Leather” track when he said “Bench players talking like starters/I hate it and I’m just as famous as my mentor/But I’m still the boss, I don’t get sent for/Get hype on tracks and jump in front of a bullet you wasn’t meant for.”

By the time 2016 rolled around, the lyrical jabs started packing a punch with Pusha hitting a sore spot with Drake referencing his use of ghostwriters on “HGTV”- “It’s too far gone when the realest ain’t real/These n*ggas Call of Duty cause their killings ain’t real/With a questionable pen so the feelin ain’t real.”

Drake didn’t take that lying down and jabbed at Pusha’s drug dealing past with “Two Birds One Stone”- “But really it is you with all the drug dealing stories/That’s gotta stop though/You made a couple of chops, now you think you Chapo/I look most of you dead in your eyes/And you will try to sell the story for the rest of your lives”.

All of this leads us to The Story of Adidon and the Duppy freestyles. In Pusha’s newest album Daytona, he likened Drake’s meteoric rise to fame to that of Donald Trump with the lines “The lyric’s pennin equals to Trump winnin/The bigger question is how the Russians did it/It was written like Nas but it came from Quintin”. Quintin is allegedly Drake’s ghostwriter. If you haven’t figured this out by now, if you want to hit a sore spot with Drake, mention Quintin. Don’t believe me? It took less than 24 hours for Drake to release his subpar “Duppy Freestyle” verse. Nicki coming to his defense  about the ghostwriting allegations wasn’t the most calculated move considering non-Barbs believe Safaree wrote her verses during their relationship.

But I digress.

This has been the most exciting 48 hours in hip hop. The verses and production are on point on both sides but I’m #TeamPusha. Pusha may not have the clout that Drake does but I root for the underdog, especially when the underdog has more talent.

Daytona is a solid project and just what we needed to get people listening again. Who do you think will come out winning?

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