Sip your tea ya’ll.

Wendy Williams allegedly has an oops baby on the way. What is an oops baby?

Let’s just say Wendy’s husband has a long history of stepping out on their marriage. For those of you who don’t know, married men are used to having raw sex so they don’t exactly request protection from their extra-marital partners.

Don’t believe me?

Dwayne Wade, Diddy, Chris Brown, Carmelo Anthony, and Matthew Knowles all have babies from their side chicks, despite being in committed relationships.

It’s nothing new but Wendy is the King of shade and gossip. She is officially a hot topic. I almost feel bad for her. It must suck almost being old enough for AARP with a baby on the way, especially when you are the bread winner in your relationship. The disrespect has got to cut deep. Hopefully not as deep as the child support.

Stay tuned.

Who needs reality tv when reality is just as interesting?

On a side note, pray for Wendy. Reports allege she is self medicating and depressed. She’s powerful, rich and successful. Woman to woman, I hope she realizes her worth and makes the best decision for her.

Divorce him sis. Protect your coins.

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