I think everyone, and their mama, would agree that prisons suck. It doesn’t matter if you are locked up in Sweden or the US, prison is prison and no one wants to be locked away like an animal.

American prisons are special though. Somehow being under 15% of the population, black people account for a majority of prisoners in a rigged system that’s doing exactly what it is supposed to do- disenfranchise whole generations of black people.

But every so often, something changes. I just knew that Jeffrey Epstein was going to bond out of jail, get house arrest and somehow be found innocent of the mountain of charges against him. We have all seen this movie before, right?

But nah, his bond was denied and now this billionaire accused of sex trafficking is hospitalized, unconscious. Maybe he tried to kill himself, maybe some prisoners got to him. Either way, the chances of Epstein making it to his court date are slim. Prisoners don’t take too kindly to men who sexually brutalize women. There’s something about being denied access to women and our bodies that makes incarcerated men appreciate us so much more. There’s something inherently sweet about the way incarcerated men emasculate and terrorize men who hurt us. We really appreciate the ass whoopings they get in jail. After all, we can’t beat the men who abuse us so we appreciate the thought that somewhere in some prison, there is a man or group of men willing to defend our honor. They are like the big brothers we never had and we thank them.

Men who engage in sex crimes against women are rightfully brutalized in prison. Cosby is in solitary. R. Kelly gonna be feelin’ on some booty in prison. And Epstein? A white billionaire? He’s a dead man walking. Minorities and poor whites are going to torture him and there is no amount of money or privilege that can save him.

American prisons suck, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone but my ex.

The Me Too movement is alive and well and men are being held accountable for their reckless behavior. The system isn’t perfect but it’s working better and better as time goes on.

I can’t be the only one glued to the t.v to see what’s going to happen with Epstein next. He gets everything he deserves and I am glad karma resides in the walls of the American prison system, right where it belongs.

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