Friendly Reminder: Anything that costs you your mental health, is too expensive.

This includes all relationships, friendships, situationships and family. Mental health is priceless.

You ever talk to other people who are going through breakups? They really give the best and worst advice. I have a friend who gives the best relationship advice but will not stop going back to her husband, no matter how bad it gets.

There were the sidebabies- twins.

The other side chick he claims to have soul ties and good vibes with that he will not leave alone.

Substance abuse problems muddled with sex addiction.

The inappropriate texts and pictures from not only other women but men…you get the picture. She should run.

And sometimes she does, and it sounds so convincing. I believed her the first two times she said she was done. I believed her because she was crying through two swollen eyes promising herself and God that she would never take him back.

But, she did.

I started to have faith after three weeks of her not picking up the phone for him. Maybe she really was more tired of the BS than her love for a man who loved her painfully.

I don’t judge her though, I can relate. It’s hard not picking up the phone. Sometimes you just want to say hi or listen to the sound of the other person’s voice and nothing more.

But it comes at a price right? The clock starts over every time you are too weak to stand in your absolve to be the better person and move far away from the thing that steals your peace. It’s hard breaking away from the patterns of the comfort you received from your partner and it’s harder fighting the sadness you feel from the emptiness that remains in the shadows of their presence. Are you heartbroken or disappointed? Words matter.

But life goes on. You have to hate the BS more than you miss the person and most importantly, you have to choose the best version of yourself.

My friend is still with her bae, working it out because that’s where she wants to be, until she doesn’t.

But when you are ready to leave, remember there will be many silent nights. Nights to think. Nights to grieve. Nights to reflect. Are you ready for those nights and to go through the process of healing? It’s never easy but nothing easy is ever worth it.

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