When women said we wanted gender equality, this isn’t what we were talking about.

We were thinking equal pay.

Voting rights.

Birth control.

Never in a million years did women think they would be paying alimony to men, especially men who are self-sufficient. This isn’t the gender equality we fought for, this is how men interpreted it.

In today’s WTF news, Jennifer Hudson is still fighting her former fiancé, and dad to her son, over finances. In addition to paying child support, he’s also requested spousal support to pay for living expenses. He’s pulled a “Kendu” (Mary J. Blige reference) but the gag is, they were never married.

Should a woman support a man she’s never married? I bet Jennifer Hudson thought if she never married him, she would never have to pay spousal support. She probably never married him because she understood his character and didn’t want to chance having to support him.

Relationships are scary. The rules of engagement have changed because social norms have shifted. Women are out-earning men and demanding more respect, which has caused a rift in gender expectations. With these changes have come a liability, especially when marriage and/or babies are involved.

Jennifer Hudson (and Mary J. Blige) have taught women a valuable lesson in dating and the risks that come with long term commitments of any sort. I don’t really care what men have to say here. It’s as though they enjoy watching women beaten up by a system they know is unfair. I can’t be the only one tired of the Men have been dealing with this for years spiel. So what? Either women need to challenge and change these laws or women need to become more educated, or both.

I, for one, hope Jennifer doesn’t have to pay this man a penny more than the child support she pays him. Shame on him.

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