At first I thought it was a joke.

But nah, this is real.

Siri and Alexa now have a slutty cousin, Thotbot.

Literally, a robot designed to look like a stripper and act like a prostitute.


Get your Bibles, let’s turn to Revelations.

But before we do, I want to address how weird this is.

For an entry level Thotbot, you can pay $1500 (up to 25k for premium) for the girlfriend experience.

Is this the next level of porn? Now men can re-enact their most lewd fantasies with the bots without fear of being judged by anyone, like a girlfriend. Or jury.

Maybe I’m looking at this wrong. Maybe this is a personal 3D experience. Gaming has become interactive so why not porn?

Maybe sexual violence will decrease. And the STD rate. And pregnancy.

Or maybe we should have a quick discussion on how dangerous this can be for American women.

The makers of these dolls say that 95% of interest in these dolls come from men.

So miss me with “they makes dolls for women too”.

Don’t get me wrong, I read some of the male dolls do dishes and laundry. For me, this isn’t a sex toy, it’s an investment. The next generation of electronic cleaning toys if you will. He would be doing so many chores I would forget he is a sex toy.

The worse I would do is get it some gray sweatpants, a t shirt and Timbs so it has something to wear. Surely I spend more on clothes for my daughter’s American Girl dolls so this isn’t that weird.

But enough about me.

These Thotbots are morbid.

None of them come in a pantsuit, or any clothes really. None of them have a gauge in which to tell men when something is too much, like pain. There has to be some level of negative conditioning for men who get to practice their most lustful desires on something that stops short of being a woman.

These dolls aim to mimic the physical side of a woman with no regard to every other aspect that women’s lib has been fighting for decades.

Like respect. Or the right to be treated as something more than a doll.

Sexual assaults aren’t at an all-time high. We just talk about it more.

And I mean real sexual assaults. Not “Aziz Ansari” sexual assault.

I remember last year a story came out about police officers using images of black men for target practice. People were outraged because they argued that there is some level of conditioning that happens when you associate police, guns and black people. The police officers admitted this was wrong because there is a strong association with actions and imagery.

These dolls feel like target practice. Not all men are perverts just like all police officers aren’t bad but think about how many women have #MeToo stories. I don’t want those men to have these dolls, or men like them. They will go crazy and their conditioning to normal women will be off more than it already is. Can we really trust men will know when to turn off the part of them that made it so they needed this doll in the first place?

You think I’m overreacting?

So now we are birthing a generation of men who get to practice their darkest desires behind closed doors on a lifelike doll with women who fit bad sexual experiences into sexual assault language trying to figure out how to have meaningful relationships with each other.


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