First of all, Tiny needs to put some respect on her own marriage. Women like Tiny are problematic.

Second of all, no one would know TI was a habitual cheater if she didn’t go on national television and tell the world. It’s hard to mind your business when a celebrity airs all their business out in the name of gaining sympathy.

Tiny didn’t want a divorce. She wanted people to slut shame Bernice Burgos because Bernice is everything that Tiny isn’t. Yes, Tiny is a wife, amazing writer and had a successful singing career. Some people can have it all and still feel like nothing inside. In Tiny’s case, her self-esteem, or lack thereof, was only exacerbated by the fact that her husband cheated and not only did he cheat, he cheated with a woman that Tiny can’t look like, even with the best of plastic surgeons.

Tiny, no one cares about your marriage but you. When you invite people to a circus, they will enjoy the show. All the theatrics around filing for divorce, airing your husband out to dry via social media and being a professional victim for the cameras is your own doing. We knew you weren’t going to leave TI when he bought you that expensive car then you gave him another baby. Like too many women, your love and forgiveness can be bought but doesn’t erase the fact that your self-esteem is trash.

Don’t tell us to mind our business. Fight with your husband in private and let that man cheat in peace. Women like Bernice Burgos come a dime a dozen and she won’t be the last woman he cheats with. You signed up for this lifestyle and play on the emotions of women who want to see you win. Take a page out of Monica’s playbook and keep your private business private. People can only talk about what you make public.

Instead of telling us to mind our business, go play house with your husband, shhhhhhh and play nicely with the side chicks. It’s obviously what will keep your man happy.

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