I know I am not the only one.

I order the same thing every single time I go to waffle house.

Bacon Texas cheesesteak melt with mushrooms. Cheese grits.

Every single time, it’s a different price. Like, way different.

I’m not trying to be crude, or whatever. Waffle house doesn’t exactly attract finance majors as part of their core employment demographic. Why does Waffle House let its employees calculate tabs by hand? I have never seen a waffle house employee use a calculator. You expect me to trust they calculated my order, plus tax, correctly?

I don’t.

I can’t even read their handwriting so it’s impossible for me to check their math. I know they must be breaking all types of consumer laws and overcharging all of us every single day on every single order.

But I don’t feel like doing the math either so I go with it.

My grits are perfect every time and they are open 24 hours. Waffle house has been there for me at my most drunken moments and I really love them. And their cheese grits.

Seriously though, they need to automate their checkout at the registers so my tab is correct. I have an expensive iced coffee habit so I need my coins to be correct.

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