Yaaaaaas sis!

Be petty. Be the b*tch to your soon to be ex-husband that you have been to the world for the last three decades. Make him hate you as much as we do.

I’m not a Wendy fan but I am for any woman who kicks a no good man to the curb. Wendy’s chakras might be out of order but sis is getting her business affairs aligned and I am here for it.

In case you missed the tea, Wendy’s husband had an oops baby with his long term mistress. Through the pregnancy and cheating rumors, Wendy spiraled out of control and had to take a hiatus from her show. Turns out she was also admitted to a sober house. She stuck by her man until that DNA test proved that he is the father.Then she kicked him to the curb and filed for divorce.

She is really about to show her husband who is King. She fired him from her tv show, repossessed the 215k Ferrari he purchased for his side chick, and has officially given him 48 hours to call Tyrone. Sis is getting a new pad in Manhattan and her glow up is about to be real.

Meanwhile, her husband will be at home with a crying baby and a woman who doesn’t bring anything to the table besides a sore vagina and marriage expectations. His side chick isn’t half the woman Wendy is and he will have to live everyday for the rest of his life knowing he messed up.

Even if you don’t like Wendy, you gotta root for her. I hope she makes more money than she ever has and finds more happiness than she ever had. No man, no matter how long you were committed, is worth your sanity and self respect. I hope her husband receives all the karma we’ve been wishing on Wendy all these years. He deserves it.

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