When Malcolm X said integration was the worst thing that ever happened to black people, I really felt that.

There may have been something positive about “separate but equal”, emphasis on “equal.

Let’s not be blind to the fact that integration hasn’t exactly been a seamless experience for brown people.

Black women who give birth are dying at staggering rates compared to our white counterparts. You know there is truth to this when Serena Williams herself stared death in the face after birthing her daughter, and she has the best healthcare money can buy.

It shouldn’t be surprising that healthcare isn’t the only system failing brown people in America. The criminal justice system hasn’t exactly been for us either.

In retrospect, I think we were too harsh on Jussie.Was he wrong? Yes. Did he commit a crime. Eh.

I think the hardest part of dealing with Jussie’s behavior is being lied too. People everywhere wanted one thing: the truth.

Looking back, his scheme was foolish. Very amateur hour at the Apollo.

Now that we have the truth (or enough of it to substantiate that he wasn’t the victim he pretended to be), can we have a real conversation about hanging our own people out to dry?

We can’t be so quick to offer our own people up on a platter to a system built exclusively against us. The modern day lynch mob of social media is as fierce as it is dangerous. Jussie was wrong but he’s hardly a criminal.

Criminal is (find name) There is no reason the woman responsible for Emmitt Till’s murder is alive and enjoying her freedom, living out the last of her days as though she weren’t personally responsible for the murder of an innocent child.

White women have enjoyed the privilege throughout history of launching whole police investigations accusing black men of crimes that never happened to cover up their own misdeeds. They very rarely go through the criminal justice process or restitution and serve time for attempting to completely destroy the lives of countless black men with their lies and delusions of grandeur.

I’m not saying R. Kelly and Bill Cosby don’t deserve jail time but I am also not blind to the fact that there is a long list of white men who have yet to stand trial, let alone serve jail time, for the same offenses as both Cosby and Kelly.

Donald Trump has committed a litany of offenses, both egregious and criminal, and he remains in the highest office in America. Obama could never.

I’m not saying black people should be able to get away with the same crimes as white people. I am saying that as a community
that is inching closer to being unapologetically black as a culture, maybe it is time for us to reconsider how we hang each other out to dry in the presence of mixed company.

Please believe Terrance Howard and Taraji smacked Jussie upside his head and his financial loss surely taught him a lesson in being foolish. I can’t demand jail time for Jussie when there are people who have told much more dangerous, much more sinister lies and live full productive lives with zero ridicule. The laws aren’t equally applied to everyone and I don’t want to be part of the social circus putting our own people on display for a display of pseudo justice.

The lynch mob mentality has to stop and we need to start real conversations about how to handle each other with more compassion and common sense. Jussie was a fool. Let that man pay a fine, accept his public humiliation and let’s put that same energy into causes that actually move the culture forward.

It’s time to leave Jussie alone. What more do you want from him?

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