Offset, grab your wife’s phone and turn it off.



What is you doing?

Why do these new age rappers tell on themselves on social media?

When you recorded yourself in front of millions of people admitting to rape and robbery, were you thinking about that Pepsi bag? Or Kulture?

You are rich now sis, no one feels bad for you. Yes, you were a stripper. Yes, you turned tricks. Yes, we’ve heard the story a million times. Now you are rich and famous and it’s time to elevate from the gutter. Stop telling on yourself.

And no, Cardi isn’t like R. Kelly or Bill Cosby. I know what she said but we don’t love Cardi for her scholastic ability; she clearly misspoke. She didn’t rape anyone.

In case you missed it, Cardi said she is working on a book about her life. She said she used to go home with men after the club, get them high then rob them.

What she meant was she used to go home with men who had intentions on having sex with her for money after they supplied her with drugs to make the moment more tolerable. These men would get high on their on supply, pass out, and she would steal from them.

What stripper hasn’t done this? Sounds like a hustler’s mentality; get or get got. Men who pay for sex don’t have a moral standing to judge women like Cardi. Did Cardi pin anyone down and take sex? No.

Did she drug men to force themselves on them? No.

These men wanted sex and she wanted money. If they drank and smoked themselves into oblivion during the process, that was on them.

Did she take their money? Yes.

Was it wrong? Yes.

Does anyone care? No.

Is this a double standard? No. It’s not even the same conversation.

No one is canceling Cardi. She may be a thief but she’s no rapist.

And no one feels bad for a trick who gets beat at their own game.


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