I can’t do it ya’ll.

I refuse to be part of the minstrel show.

I refuse to be part of the wave of journalists and blogs who poke fun at a musical genius that has provided soundtracks to the most informative years of my life. I never understand why Kanye says he wants to be bigger than Disney. To so many, he already is. The only thing stopping Kanye from transcending to a real life Yeezy is Kanye.

Life teaches us to respect the process. Who hasn’t hit rock bottom? The difference between us and Kanye is we get to go through our process in private. We get to have mental breakdowns, destroy relationships, stay in toxic marriages, and disappoint friends then rebound without our every move becoming a hashtag. We get to move on in peace.

Kanye is having a Britney moment but he can’t see it through the rockstar fame he’s acquired. He is trying to crawl out from the depths of his sunken place but it’s an ugly process that that would have been dealt with privately, if Donda were here. Or if he didn’t cut off his real friends. How crazy is it that Kanye had an opiod addiction made worse by having plastic surgery? Kanye had surgery because he didn’t want to be called fat at his wedding.

Side note: What type of wife would let a husband have liposuction during an opiod addiction? Shouldn’t he have addressed the addiction first? He hasn’t healed from his mom’s death. The pressure to have liposuction to look good for Kim must have been excruciating for him. I can’t help but to compare his mom and his wife, both have birthed very different Kanyes.

Now, Kanye has an album coming out. Suddenly, he is talking politics and insulting the existence of every black person in America by telling us that slavery was a choice. He is screaming at the top of his lungs everything we don’t want to hear because he wants to sell albums. We’d be dummies to believe that Kris Jenner isn’t silently managing media spins for Kanye, but at whose expense?

Kanye has always been different. His uniqueness has landed him fortune, fame and a Kardashian. It’s no wonder we can’t relate to his black experience in white America. Does that make him crazy though? Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t mean they are mentally ill. It’s like he is trying to find the balance between who he is and who his mom raised him to be. It’s hard to do that under a microscope. Who wouldn’t go crazy? Fame is hard.

I won’t talk bad about Kanye. I will handle him with the same kid gloves white people handled Britney Spears with when she had her nervous breakdown. Death is real. Whenever someone dies, we mourn. I’ll give Kanye his flowers in life and hope that someone somewhere touches him and delivers him from the sunken place of his own unhappiness.

No sass. No punchlines. I hope he gets the help he needs. 


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