Is it safe to say the chickens have come home to roost?

I remember growing up in New York City listening to the Queen of Mean, Wendy Williams. My father would listen to her on the radio spew hate and the latest gossip as she pulled others down to pull herself up.

We’ve got to give it to Wendy, she made something out of nothing. She’s created a lucrative career, earning millions by creating a lane for herself, and others. There would be no Charlemagne, or Breakfast Club, if there were no Wendy.

Wendy doesn’t discriminate, she goes after everyone. She told the world Tupac was raped in jail. Diddy is gay- he later got her kicked off the air for that stunt. Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, isn’t really black. When Method Man’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and wanted privacy, Wendy announced it to the world then followed it up with a cheating rumor alleging Method Man was sleeping with his sick wife’s doctor. She belittled Terry Crews after his sexual assault allegations. She told Jennifer Lawrence she should be grateful her nudes leaked because it helped her career. She misgendered Chaz Bono. Called Beyoncé stupid. And Blue Ivy ugly.

And don’t think we forgave Wendy for that Aaliyah biopic- it was blasphemy.

My jaw almost dropped when I watched Wendy on air refer to Nick Cannon’s youngest son as an “oops baby”. If you don’t know, an “oops baby” is an unwanted child produced from an illicit affair. If there is one thing you should know about Nick Cannon is that he loves all his children and is an amazing father to each of them.

About a week after Wendy called Nick’s youngest son an “oops baby”, the world found out that Wendy has an “oops baby” on the way herself. Not one to ever air her own business, she has been very quiet about her new stepchild and sister wife.

Wendy’s been married to Kevin Hunter for 20 years. She’s a prime example of some women will put up with anything just to say they have a man.  Don’t believe me?

His mistress is old news. Sharina Hudson is a 32 year old massage therapist he moved into a $765,000 house just nine miles away from the mansion he shares with Wendy. He spends his time between both women and Sharina has even been spotted with an engagement ring.

Hunter and Williams have been married for 20 years and share one son together. He “manages” her tv career and runs a production company they jointly own. No pre-nup. No post-nup. There are years of allegations regarding physical abuse, multiple reports of Kevin choking Wendy and physically assaulting her. The cheating allegations are well documented in lawsuits against the couple, which Wendy has written off as frivolous.

Wendy seems to be falling apart before our very eyes. Remember the recent sling she was seen sporting? Allegedly, her husband did that. Wendy, who has battled substance abuse, was reintroduced (allegedly) to pain meds and has succumbed to substance abuse again as she battles the latest drama in her marriage. I would have substance abuse problems too if my husband moved the side chick down the block and bought her a home that cost almost a million dollars with money that I earned. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, the engagement ring and baby would have thrown me over the top.

The PR spin should be a home run for Wendy. Everyone always roots for the underdog. She should be able to tell her story of infidelity and abuse in an empowering way, divorce her husband and build a brand off female empowerment. She certainly has the reach to do it.

But she can’t. No one is rooting for Wendy. She’s created glass walls for herself and burned bridges with her celebrity counterparts. People like 50 cent have stepped forward to kick her as she has reached rock bottom and who could blame him?

If Wendy does go through with the divorce, she stands to lose her life’s earnings to a man that used, abused and gladly disposed of her.

For someone who talks so much about how stupid people are and the bad decisions they make, Wendy has entangled herself in a 20 year bad decision with a man who didn’t love her.

The saying must be true, hurt people hurt people.

Wendy has spent years kicking people when they were down for the sake of shits and giggles. Something must really be wrong for a woman who is a mother to speak ill of innocent children the way she has. God don’t like ugly.

I don’t feel bad for Wendy. Being Wendy Williams is a choice and it’s a choice she will have to live with for the rest of her life. She’s like the Scrooge of gossip entertainment and her husband, sister wife and new step child are the ghosts of her past, present, and future.

Wendy’s not a victim, she’s a bitch and she deserves everything she has coming.

Stay tuned.

*grabs popcorn*

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