I saw the way he looked at me.

I was dancing to the melodic sounds of 90’s Hip Hop at BQE in Atlanta, celebrating my freedom at my first day party. No kids, no husband, no responsibilities, I felt free and young again.

Sipping on bottomless mimosas, drunk in the moment, I looked at him looking at me. I watched how he licked his lips, staring at my frame while my heart beat through my chest.

I wondered if he was thinking about me the way I was thinking about him.

He was far from a stranger. We met freshman year in college 13 years ago and he offered to take me out for brunch, as a friend. I accepted his platonic offering because I was curious and excited to get out there again.

He was a perfect gentleman. Opening doors. Polite conversation. But it was that moment he grabbed me by the small of my waist to help me out the car that I looked at him with adulterous lust in my driveway.

“Can I come in”, he asked?

I knew he was asking about my house but I wanted him to enter my home and misbehave with well intentions.

“Yes” I said in a raspy tone, my head filled with naughty thoughts, things I couldn’t do with my Christian husband.

We sat on the couch and reminisced about college days. I forgot how amazing and charming he was. After a while I saw his lips moving but I couldn’t hear the words coming out. All I could hear was my own throbbing and desire telling me to go for it.

I leaned in closer kissing him, hoping he wouldn’t be offended. We looked in each other’s eyes then deep kissed as he ripped off my top, revealing my 34DD breasts and tiny waistline. I placed his palms on my breasts, giving him authority over my body, deep throating his tongue because it was what I wanted, so I took it.

I got on my knees and worshipped him like a God. I saw his eyes roll in back of his head when I made my mouth wetter. I took him in deeper, using both my hands to stroke him the way I needed him to stroke me. He moaned and I loved the sound of it as he held the back of my head to force himself deeper into my mouth, exploding with the type of energy I needed, the abominable spasm- the filthy orgasm of fornication.

He took off my skirt and sat me on his face, using his tongue to create rhythms of motions I never felt before. He made me forget my English for a moment.

I’m riding his face screaming “Nadie me lo das como tu”. I don’t think he understood what I said but he loved the sound of my Spanish accent singing his praises and screaming his name, begging him for mercy. Suddenly my body became hot. I closed my eyes and started shaking. He grabbed my hands, I couldn’t move. I felt paralyzed on top of his tongue because it controlled every part of my body. I loved the way he governed me, accordingly.

We kissed deeply with the taste of desire on both our lips and I could feel his hardness against my wetness. He laid me on my back and asked me “Are you sure?”

We already reached the point of no return and I just wanted to serve his body and he mine. I felt every inch slide inside me and all my tiny nerve endings exploded with energy as he went deeper and harder, pounding me back into womanhood.

My body burned with fire, lust, and passion. I looked into his eyes waiting for the instant he exploded because I could feel that pulsing in me from him, and I knew that moment was coming. I wanted to feel it. Or taste it. I wanted to experience that moment whichever way he needed me to.

Suddenly my alarm went off. I immediately picked up my phone because I knew I was late. 3 missed calls, one text. “Where are you?” he asked, “I thought we were going to brunch.”

“I overslept, I am on my way” I responded, my heart still beating fast from a moment that felt so real.

“I thought you were standing me up” he joked. “Take your time with your fine ass.”

I read the text and couldn’t help but to laugh because I appreciated his sense of humor.

I hopped in the shower, got dressed and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, smiling. I took off my wedding ring and finally put it away. I got in my car and turned up the radio.

Worst Behavior by Drake was on.


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